Certificate in Chair Yoga
Training for Yoga teachers and healthcare professionals
Next training:
I am presently redesigning the training so it can be delivered online and will be offering it
later in 2021.  Send me an email to be the first to find out when!

‘’I highly recommend this training course of Claire's. For me already teaching Chair Yoga, it gave me lots of new ideas

and reinforced my passion and reason for teaching Chair Yoga. Suitable for experienced Chair Yoga teachers,

as well as anyone who'd like to begin and non-Yoga Teachers who work in an environment where people could benefit. ‘’ Louise Curran

  • Support your students and clients to develop more mobility and confidence in their bodies,

  • Learn techniques for mental and emotional well being.

  • Offer an environment where people can have fun, at the same time learning to care for themselves.


This professional development training for Yoga Teachers and professionals working in care settings will give you the basic skills to run chair yoga classes or integrate chair yoga into your regular teaching or care setting.

These skills can also be applied in numerous settings, such as active retirement groups, wheelchair users, community groups, people with special needs and for people with limited movement due to health, injury or recovery from surgery.

Course content

 During this training we will cover:

  • aims and intentions of chair yoga.

  • considerations for health conditions and pain management: simple adaptations and contraindications for some common conditions.

  • daily life movement skills e.g. moving from sitting to standing, postural awareness, balance.

  • special sequences to target specific anatomical areas: legs and feet, spine and back, neck, shoulders and arms.

  • seated and standing chair supported asana sequences.

  • exploring subtle and intuitive movement

  • beyond asana: yoga nidra, relaxation, mudras, breathing and healing meditation.

  • adapting to using chairs in a general class.

  • comfort and ease: happy sitting and using props for support.

  • teaching tips.

  • trauma informed teaching practice

  • introduction to some yoga models and philosophy to support your teaching

  • planning and structuring a chair yoga class.

  • Health and safety.

  • setting up a class. (venues, target groups)

Your time commitment:

2 full weekends, plus independent study and coursework between modules.

Post course assessments:

- 2 class plans for your chosen target group(s)

- Questionnaire about the course content

How to apply:

Send an email to osborneclaire@hotmail.com, stating your interest and reasons for doing the course, along with a brief statement about your previous experience of yoga.

Claire will then send you costs, payment information and a full application form.

Some previous experience of yoga is necessary for this training.

On applying to attend this course if you do not currently attend a yoga class or have an established home practice, it is required that you attend a minimum of 6 classes before, or during the duration of the course. These do not have to be chair-based classes. You will need to provide evidence of attendance.

Please note

This is not in itself a qualification to teach Yoga, and unless you are already a trained teacher you will not be able to acquire insurance for teaching a yoga class. (It requires a minimum of 200hrs to train as a yoga teacher.)

However health care professionals have done this training and successfully used it to compliment their existing skills in a variety of settings e.g. physical therapy, special needs education, retirement homes. Carers have also applied skills learned on this course to work one-to-one.

Chair yoga training testimonials


‘’I had the pleasure of training with Claire. She has an amazing and profound presence. I'm delighted I could take part in her first Chair Yoga training weekend July 2018. It was not what I expected, I learned so much more than I thought I would, especially on a spiritual and deep connection of myself. I can recommend this course to everybody as it would be beneficial for all.’’

Trish Isibor


‘‘I cannot recommend Claire’s chair yoga training highly enough. I was very impressed with Claire’s deep knowledge of yoga asanas and philosophy and how she delivered the two day training. I found her calmness very soothing and her teaching methods very motivating. The Yoga Nidra was just the icing on the cake to a two fabulous days!”

Sara de Miguel Hernandez

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