Chair Yoga Teacher Training
For Yoga Teachers and Health Care Professionals.
30 hour in depth training, to enable you to deliver safe, creative, enjoyable Chair based yoga to a diverse range of communities.
Course director and main tutor Claire Osborne with guest teacher Louise Curran

‘’I highly recommend this training course of Claire's. For me already teaching Chair Yoga, it gave me lots of new ideas and reinforced my passion and reason for teaching Chair Yoga. Suitable for experienced Chair Yoga teachers,
as well as anyone who'd like to begin and non-Yoga Teachers who work in an environment where people could benefit. ‘’   Louise Curran, Chair Yoga Teacher, Wicklow

  • Support your students and clients to develop more mobility and confidence in their bodies,

  • Learn techniques for mental and emotional well being.

  • Offer an environment where people can have fun, at the same time learning to care for themselves.


This professional development training for Yoga Teachers and professionals working in care settings will give you the basic skills to run chair yoga classes or integrate chair yoga into your regular teaching or care setting.

These skills can also be applied in numerous settings, such as active retirement groups, wheelchair users, community groups, people with special needs and for people with limited movement due to health, injury or recovery from surgery.




Who's it for?

This training is open to all who work professionally with people who complex or limited mobility needs., or who work in a

setting where space is limited and sitting in chairs forms a large part of the daily routine (e.g. schools, offices).

It may be especially helpful as professional development for:

  • Healthcare Professionals

  • Yoga Teachers

  • Yoga Therapists

  • Care-workers

  • Physical Therapists

  • Teachers in primary or secondary schools

  • therapists and health workers who would like to include a body-based practice into their work.

Course content.

The content of this course is drawn from Claire’s 20 years of experience teaching yoga, as well as her background as a yoga therapist and massage therapist.

Claire has given careful attention to the delivery of this course, to ensure that experienced as well as new teachers complete it feeling informed and confident to design and deliver empowering, creative and sensitive classes in a variety of settings.


  • Overview of chair yoga, it’s applications and target groups

  • Practical steps and supports to set up a class and make it accessible

  • A wide range of practices including Asana, Pranayama (breathing practices), Mudras, Meditation, Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra, plus therapeutic applications and adaptations.

  • Several practice sequences to support creating balanced and creative classes

  • Practices for minimally mobile students

  • In depth information to support posture

  • How to help people develop the skill and confidence to move from the chair into standing.

  • Introduction to yogic philosophy relevant to chair yoga classes

  • Introduction to therapeutic yoga models as a lens for understanding health conditions and support for planning class plans

  • Health and safety tips

  • Detailed teaching tips, to support you to hold space in a compassionate and sensitive way

  • Trauma sensitive teaching practice

  • Introduction to medical and health conditions

  • Reflection on emotional considerations in chair yoga

  • Overview of the nervous system

  • Reflections on Yoga practices as a support for the nervous system, general health and the management of pain.

  • Supervised teaching practice


Recordings of all the online classes and modules will be made available of all the modules for 3 months afterwards.

There will be additional audio recordings available of meditations, pranayama (breathing) practices and Yoga Nidras.

Time commitment - 30 hours


In person training:

  • Two weekends in person (April 15th-16th and May 13th-14th 10am -5pm each day), plus two online classes between weekends with guest teachers' specialist chair yoga classes, showing how chair yoga can be applied. Total contact hours 27hours.


  • Reading between modules


  • End of course assignments.

  1. in module teaching practice during the final weekend.

  2. Questionnaire on course content

  3. Personal research project about an area of interest, to design a class for an individual student or target group and research the condition, description of physical/mental emotional considerations, cautions and contraindications, standard healthcare treatment and relevant support resources in your area

You are expected to commit to a personal practice of chair yoga throughout the course.

How to apply:

Bookings / enquiries for this Chair Yoga Teacher Training to:

Course fees:
  • 550 euros including assessment and certification fees.

  • early bird 499 euros

  • On application for the course you will be asked to complete an application form.

  • It is not necessary to be a qualified yoga teacher to attend this course, however applicants who are not qualified yoga teachers must have previous experience and yoga to attend the training. If your experience is minimal, you may be asked to defer starting the course until you have more experience.

  • Participants who are already qualified yoga instructors to a minimum 200 Hr level will be asked for their  teacher training certificate.

Terms and conditions:
  • Payment is due in full before the start of the course.

  • Cancellations: sorry, no refunds. You may attend the course at another date if there are unavoidable circumstances which mean you cannot attend in full in person. This is at the discretion of the course director (Claire Osborne).

  • If the course has to be cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances you will be offered an alternative date.

  • Good quality internet connection is essential.

  • This does not certify you fully to be a Yoga Teacher- that takes a minimum of 200 hours of training! However, health care professionals who have attended this training and successfully used it to compliment their existing skills in a variety of settings e.g. physical therapy, special needs education, retirement homes. Carers have also applied skills learned on this course to work one-to-one.

Conditions of completion:
  • Certificate will be issued on full completion and attendance in person of the course, and on completion of coursework.

  • All modules need to be attended in person.

Guest teacher Louise Curran:

Louise has been teaching since 2015 both Mat based and Chair based Yoga.  She teaches at

The Ananta Yoga Studios in Wicklow Town, The Brockagh Centre in Laragh and various venues

around Wicklow.  Louise adapts the classes to the needs of the students present providing

necessary modifications where necessary.  This allows each student to work at their own pace

within the class. She has trained extensively in chair and accessible yoga and continues to

evolve her skills through ongoing training in Vinyasa Krama.



‘’I had the pleasure of training with Claire. She has an amazing and profound presence. I'm delighted I could take part in her first Chair Yoga training .... July 2018. It was not what I expected, I learned so much more than I thought I would, especially on a spiritual and deep connection of myself. I can recommend this course to everybody as it would be beneficial for all.’’

Trish (Yoga Teacher)

‘‘I cannot recommend Claire’s chair yoga training highly enough. I was very impressed with Claire’s deep knowledge of yoga asanas and philosophy and how she delivered the two day training. I found her calmness very soothing and her teaching methods very motivating. The Yoga Nidra was just the icing on the cake to .... fabulous days!”

Sara (Yoga Teacher)

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