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A day on Heir Island, surrounded by the ocean, open skies, rocky coast, beaches and the stunning beauty of Roaring Water Bay in West Cork. Opening our senses, awakening our body, and our sense of space and place, through Amerta Movement, gentle yoga, meditation, art-making and mindful being in nature.

Supported by experienced facilitator and therapist, Claire Osborne.


This day will be a gift to your soul. Through Claire's expert and gentle guidance you will be offered experiences to bring you into a more intimate connection with the natural world...... Slowing down and pausing enough that we can notice what we usually cannot see, hear and feel ... the intimate beauty of small things and passing moments .... the centre of a flower, the spiral of a shell, the brush of wind on our skin, sand on our toes, the solidity of rock, softness of grass, caress of water, time passing....


- attune to and awaken embodied sensitivity

- explore movement of your body to connect you to yourself and attune to the world around you

- discover an intimate sense of connection and belonging with the natural world.

- drop into creative play through movement and art-making to express your response to and connection with the island.


The day begins with a short ferry journey to the island at 9.30am, followed by a day of indoor and outdoor experiences, which ends at 5.30pm in time for the 6pm ferry.



- lunch (tea and snacks will be provided)
- outdoor gear
- a A4-A3 size sketchbook.




COST: 100 euros

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