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Trauma informed Yoga Facilitation Training


Introduction to Trauma-Informed Yoga programme.

This 6 week series of zoom sessions will be useful if you are already, or plan to teach yoga to refugees, or other populations affected by trauma, but will also support you in your general classes.

Next course:  Summer 2023

Researching Trauma and learning to teach Yoga in a trauma-informed way has changed my teaching and personal practice and I've come to see how vital it is for ALL teachers to have this knowledge so that we can deliver classes to ALL our students in a safe, empathic and informed way.


  • Times:6 weeks,  Sunday evenings 7-8.30pm

  • Fee: to make this accessible for everyone who would like to avail of it, i am offering this as a donation-based course, with a recommended sliding scale of 72-108 Euros. However, if your financial means are stretched right now then pay whatever you can afford. 50percent of the funds raised will go back into the Yoga Mandala Projects international programme offering trauma-informed Yoga to refugee populations. The zoom link will be sent to you once you have confirmed your interest and sent your donation for the course.

Each session will include 3 parts

  1. Welcomes and check ins, followed by a short practice modelling trauma informed yoga.

  2. Presentation on a theme related to the basics of trauma-informed practice e.g. creating a safe space, teaching skills, trauma healing goals, an intro to the neuroscience of trauma. These will give a foundation of knowledge that will guide not only the 'what', but also the 'why' of what trauma-informed teaching might look, or more importantly, feel like. This may involve sharing some stories from my personal experience of working in this field. There may be one or two guest teachers joining us.

  3. Reflection, discussion and Q and A, which will include time to discuss any scenarios / questions arising from your own teaching experience, or time in break-out rooms to discuss the topic further, or explore reflective questions that i may offer the group. This section gives you an opportunity to analyse, digest and reflect on the topic raised in the presentation, or to 'trouble-shoot' from your own experience. I will include mentoring/supervision based on my own experience in this field of work, and from my work as a supervisor for Yoga Campus's Yoga Therapy Diploma for the past 7 years.


Your commitment and some important information:

  • I would ask you to commit to the full 6 weeks. (attendance for a minimum of 4 weeks, with the first week being essential)

  • If you cannot make one or two, I can send you the recording, but for the reasons i mention below, I won't be sending the recording to anyone as a replacement for doing the course.

  • I also ask that you don't share the recordings and keep the experience within the course confidential.

  • Learning about trauma-informed work requires self-reflection and support, and sometimes may be triggering. Because of this it is important to have a safe, predictable and held container for the work and self-enquiry that arises. For anyone with a personal history of trauma or mental illness, we recommend that you don't take on any training or work in this field unless you are in a stable, safe and supported stage of your life.


Before doing the course, I recommend reading 'Overcoming Trauma Through Yoga' by David Emmerson.


To book your place please SEND AN EMAIL TO OSBORNECLAIRE@HOTMAIL.COM asap .

Once i have received your donation your place in the circle is confirmed and i will send another email with the zoom link shortly before the course starts.


If you are interested but the time/day doesn't suit you, then please let me know and i will offer another course later in the year.


Dates:  Next online training Winter-Spring 2022-23

It is my honour to be one of the trainers on this course for the Yoga Mandala Project, with whom i have been affiliated since 2015.

The Yoga Mandala Project is a not-for-profit initiative that supports the well-being of refugees and humanitarians

working within these communities. We develop sustainable yoga programs, volunteer as yoga teachers in the field,

host trauma informed training, and organize crisis relief projects.


Live sessions will be held over zoom. Live participation is strongly encouraged for this experiential and interactive training, but the sessions will be recorded for those who have to miss a session.

Training Modalities:

in addition to the twelve live sessions we will share recommended practices and reading between sessions.

Course Materials and content:

You will receive the YMP Trauma-Informed Facilitation Manual prior to the start of the course. 

Audio and video recordings will also be part of your training material.

The training will be very experiential based and will also include informative discussions led by our six trauma informed trainers each specializing in different aspects of the trauma-informed approach.

This training will enhance your understanding of trauma and the effects of PTSD, as well as how to best adapt your classes to be most supportive for refugees and other demographics impacted by trauma.

We will offer an introduction to trauma informed facilitation and self-care through live sessions, personal reflections, self-study, and both live and recorded experiential practices. 

  • Introduction to trauma, vicarious trauma & the polyvagal theory

  • Trauma and the subtle body

  • Breath and trauma

  • Trauma informed methodology

  • Trauma-informed first-aid

  • Trauma healing tools

  • Self and community-care

  • TRE

  • Ethics, boundaries, and inclusion

  • Svādhyāya

All bodies are welcome. The material will be supportive not only for yoga teachers, but also for social workers, service providers, recreational teachers, and others working with demographics impacted by trauma.

As yoga teachers, we have a responsibility to carry the healing practice out into the world. We can start close by, in our families, our communities, and the circle of hope and positivity grows. As the circle grows, more hands are called to join in lifting spirits and restoring dignity. Together we continue to grow a mandala of trauma-informed teachers around the world - we invite you to join our community this autumn!!



  • Sustainer Rate -325 Euros 

    • Covers the cost of your participation

  • Sponsor Rate - 375 Euros. 

    • Enables volunteers to be able to train as well.

  • Community Rate - 299 Euros

    • This is for people who have a sincere financial need. Please submit a why statement to our team - no questions asked.

Deposit of 125 Euros required to reserve your spot - full payment to be received by August 6th, 2021. Deposits are generally non-refundable.

Payment plans are available - please inquire if this would be supportive for you:

Scholarships: limited scholarships available. If you have a sincere need, please fill out this form to be considered.


For any further information or questions please contact our team at
For full details go to


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