Meditation, Yoga Nidra and Pranayama

Yoga Nidra is a form of conscious rest, much like a guided meditation, and is usually done lying down. Nidra can soothe busy minds, settle over-active nervous systems and is deeply rejuvinating.

Take some time to settle, make sure you are warm and cosy, perhaps covering your eyes with a scarf. Turn off the phone and make sure you can rest undisturbed in a quiet place.

NEW! Autumn Nidra with Cello

A live recording from Sweet Dreams in An Sanctoir, with Lea Miklody playing the cello.

Aran Island Nidra

A sensual blessing for the body, connecting with the elements of earth and air.

Uplifting and enlivening.

Healing Light Nidra

Bringing healing awareness to the whole body and being.

Pregnancy Nidra.

Nourishing and revitalising, to connect with your baby and yourself during

this transformative time..

Spring Nidra

Inspired by the new growth and new life of springtime - to bring new energy and

life into your body and mind.

Setting Intentions Nidra

This nidra gives time for the creation of a personal San Kalpa - an inner intention.

This powerful tool is used to re-programme your thoughts, feelings and attitudes

to life, and bring about positive change and transformation.

Infinite inner ocean nidra

Inspired by a retreat on Heir Island, off the coast of West Cork, this is a nidra that

connects you to the element of water and inner spaciousness.

Singing bowls Nidra

A long nidra, recorded on retreat on Heir island, with a background of resonant

singing bowls.

Aran island Nidra - Claire Osborne
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Healing light nidra - Claire Osborne
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Pregnancy nidra - Claire Osborne
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Spring Nidra - Claire Osborne
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setting intention nidra - claire osborne
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infinite inner ocean nidra - Claire Osborne
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singing bowls nidra - Claire Osborne
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yoga nidra autumn
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Pranayama can be done before or after doing asana (physical practice of Yoga), or on it's own, whenever you feel you need. It's like taking a little bit of medicine.

Pranayama techniques usually change the breath in some way and have the intention to transform our mood and energy levels. They can be energising, or relaxing, can be used for healing, or to have a cleansing effect on the mind.

Sit with an long spine, so your chest and belly are open and relaxed. Always be comfortable in your body, and your breathing. If you experience any effects that are unpleasant just stop and rest for a while. Not all practices suit everyone.

Pranamaya Kosha (breath body) awareness practice.

A simple guided awareness focusing on the breath that helps bring attention

to the breath and, related to it, the energy body - one of the 5 Koshas (sheaths) of being.


Pranamaya Kosha awareness practice - claire osborne
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