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Mentoring and supervision
for trained Yoga Teachers, Yoga Therapists and Group Facilitators.

Holding space for others can be a solitary, demanding, sometimes confusing and overwhelming world, and one in which we often might need support, but maybe not allow ourselves that.

To teach with integrity and compassion we need to commit to self enquiry as part of our practice.

We also need external support for it to be sustainable.

My intention is to support you to be teaching and holding space with embodied presence, love, integrity, enthusiasm and honesty, to serve yourself and your students in the best way possible.


Whatever stage you are at in your teaching path, mentoring and supervision offers a reflective, supportive space that can deepen our skills as teachers and help us navigate the responsibility, tenderness and often solitary life of teaching and holding space for others. It can offer new teachers and facilitators a space to gain confidence in the practical skills of holding classes, and experienced practitioners a space to enquire about and evolve their existing teaching practice and navigate some of the sticky places we can meet along the way.


I am here to be a listening ear, a outside perspective, a mirror, advocate and cheer leader. To support you in being the best you can be.



My professional expertise, insight gained from my personal journey and practice, a outside perspective, a questioning mind, an open heart and a curious body, alongside my own humanness and tender heart.

 I draw on the philosophy and practice on Yoga and Amerta, (23 years of experience as teacher of Yoga and  Amerta and 9 years as a Yoga Therapist)  alongside the  therapeutic skills I've acquired from my trainings in Yoga Therapy, Art Therapy and Holistic Massage therapy and decades of personal therapy and self enquiry. In addition I worked for 7 years with Yoga Campus in London as a supervisor for their Yoga Therapy students.


Through honest, compassionate, reflective enquiry, open hearted conversation and listening with presence to the body and each moment, we can explore specific issues that have arisen for you around your teaching, students, classes or personal practice.

This process can be as informal or structured as it needs to be.

Each session begins with a meditation to bring us into our bodies, open our hearts and enter the present moment.


Alongside whatever personal questions you bring to the sessions, we can also explore:

  • planning and evolving your class content

  • creating or evolving your aims and intentions

  • clarifying your skill set

  • reflecting on client needs, including how to adapt your teaching to support a specific client group

  • reflecting on dynamics with clients (the sticky realm of interpersonal dynamics such as transference, counter-transference and projection)

  • self-reflection on your role and skill set as a teacher (such as holding space, boundaries, holding your centre whilst teaching, caring for your energy, being authentic, teaching language and communication skills)

  • evolving your own practice, and developing teaching as an extension of your yoga practice

  • self-care while being self-employed (including developing your personal and professional supports, minding and supporting your energy)

I can also offer guidance around specific skill sets, such as :

  • Trauma-informed practice

  • Embodied presence

  • Offering one-to-one work

  • Safety

  • Chair Yoga

  • Restorative Yoga

  • Yoga Nidra

  • Pregnancy yoga

  • Post-natal yoga

  • Breathing and pranayama

  • Embodied anatomy

  • Therapeutic Yoga or Yoga Therapy


I'm happy to have a chat if you want to find out more. Call me to enquire: 086 2134080

Sessions can be in person or online.

Cost 65 euros per hour session.

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