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“Participating in a dance class is something that I have thought about for at least 5 years now … but I had no idea how valuable I would find the experience ... a special experience with special people … the class to me has been about connection and engagement. It has been a wonderful guided journey … with huge appreciation I say thank you to the universe and women”


“Thank you again for a most interesting and again revealing day of movement. It is unusually challenging, engaging and gets all my body and mind cells pinging like mad! ... I would like to go deeper and more often”




Pregnancy and Post-natal yoga:

"My baby came 2 weeks ago..and we are besotted with her. She's a calm little one. I laboured for 12 hours, with surges every 3 mins. Because my waters had broken the day before, they were quite intense. I relied heavily on the pelvic tilts and circles as well as wall stretches [taught in the class]. They gave me good relief (thank you!). Unfortunately baby wasn't moving so i had to lie still for 3 hours hooked up to a tracing machine, which was excrutiating. My hypno-birthing tracks kept me as mindful as possible at this point. My temp spiked because of an infection, so i was taken to theatre where she was in my arms in half an hour.

Yoga, along with gentle birth and my loving husband were all powerful forces in keeping me calm and mindful all the way through. I never panicked. Thanks so much for the beautiful pregnancy yoga classes. I always looked forward to Thursday nights and i think yoga contributed hugely to me (formerly an anxiety sufferer) being Zen throughout pregnancy. See you for baby yoga later on."

“Fantastic programme. Found new moves and ideas each week were great.”


“I enjoyed meeting other mums. Found sharing the Birth stories very beneficial and therapeutic-great release. I enjoyed spending time with my baby and learning how to relax with him”


“You’re a very natural teacher…you’ve been an amazing support for me with practices to help childbirth and now keeping me relaxed and centred as a mum. I especially love the chanting for baby and the meditation”


“Am able to relax more…. get a fantastic sleep after the class.


“I like the rhythm, the space, the structure and the progression over the weeks”


“I really like the calmness that I experience at the classes….Claire’s gentle, clear and pleasant attitude”


“I have enjoyed the hour and a half a week to relax and concentrate on the changing needs of my body. I enjoy the breathing and stretching exercises as they really allow you to let go and relax…plus meeting other mums-to-be.”


“Clearing my mind… help to understand my body”





“Claire is a great Yoga teacher, very knowledgeable and easy to understand.”


“Really enjoy it! I have more energy and sleep better.”


“I love that we are given time to breathe deeply into the Asanas and feel the real therapeutic benefits that yoga can give. I love the variety i.e. the Asanas, Yoga Nidra and meditation. It is a combination of sheer relaxation.”


“Yoga has helped me in so many ways, the list is endless. It has helped me relax, de-stress, become more at peace with my thoughts and feelings. Yoga has taught me to learn from experiences and given me strength when times are difficult.”


“The class is taught with such passion, gentleness and kindness that each class is truly an amazing experience… has inspired me to … taking an interest in teacher training”


“Last week … let us all try headstands – I’d never have been brave enough without individual coaching!”



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