General information

Click on the relevant page for schedules for the weekly Yoga and Movement classes.

Private one-to-one and group classes are available on request. This also includes Yoga Therapy where a class is designed to help a client manage and /or ease the symptoms of a specific illness or injury, or to assist with challenging life changes.

New to Yoga or Movement work?

All are welcome. I may be able to advise you on a specific class that will suit you best, or i may be able to adapt the practices in a general class to support your specific needs. Occasionally one-to-one work is better than attending a class, so call me for a chat and we can work out what is best for you.


Booking a place.

To attend a weekly class pre-booking is essential. You can text Claire (0862134080) to find out if there is space. 

Many classes are also run in 6 week blocks you an join any time if there is space, but some are only run on a pre-pay basis rather than drop in. However if there is space drop in may be possible if you are visiting the area. The drop in fee is slightly more than the pay in advance rate. Rates vary depending on the class.

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