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Amerta Movement monthly deep dive

Dates for 2024:

Due to family illness, Amerta workshops are postponed until Autumn 2024.

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The movement in Amerta is not structured, as you might experience in  Yoga or Tai chi, but is self-initiated movement, as you might find in dance, 5 rhythms, authentic movement and other movement modalities where the body is allowed to move however it wishes to move. It is also about daily life movements: sitting, rolling, crawling, walking, jumping....or whatever your body has the impulse to do. You don't have to be a dancer or experienced or 'expert' mover, you don't need to be especially fit or agile. Your body finds it's own way.

Amerta means the "nectar of life". Amerta movement is about allowing ourselves to connect to the impulse of the present moment and let life move through us.

This is a path of embodied exploration, play, enquiry, curiosity and being fully in the moment. We connect with our inner and outer experiences, through our senses, through our body moving. We connect with the Self, with other people and with our environment. We become ore conscious and present to each moment, each action and reaction, each habit, impulse, and response to the world around us. We learn to listen and receive the world more sensitively, to respond less from reaction and more from curiosity. It offers a chance to playfully explore who we are, or who we think we are, and connect to the "nectar of life" - the pure inner being who is moved rather than moves.

All are welcome, all ages, all levels of experience, all variations of physical ability. However because this style of moving is improvised, it is helpful to have some previous experience of being able to self-navigate through personal explorations in conscious awareness, or an interest in, or experience of, free-movement and expression, or of meditation and self-enquiry work (such as dance, improvisation, contact, play therapy, drama or drama therapy, art-making or art-therapy). This is NOT a practice where I give specific instructions on how to move your body, as I might in a Yoga class.

Covering themes such as:

- developing your physical language and expression (non-verbal communication)

- guided practices to evolve your movement skills, self-expression and connection with your body

- exploring relating and connecting with others, through moving in duos, trios or groups

- spatial awareness

- developing inner and outer awareness (somatic awareness, interoception, proprioception and the kinetic sense)

- moving to connect with the senses of listening, seeing, touch

- connection with environment and nature (indoors and outdoors)

- subtler levels of attention and connection

- noticing habitual behaviour patterns and how they play out. Gaining tools to notice and find other possibilities.

Pre-booking essential.

Contact Claire Directly 0862134080 /

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