• become more connected with yourself on all levels: body, senses, sensations, breath, feeling, thoughts, behavioural habits, emotions, memories...

  • play with expression and communication, as well as listening and receiving

  • learn to have a relaxed, open awareness, experiencing what is going on in yourself and your environment

  • open to play, spontaneity, creativity, healing, prayer, ritual...whatever arises in each moment and is ready to happen

  •  transform old patterns and habits

  • open up to new ways of moving and experiencing yourself and the world

  • be deeply and profoundly connected, touched and moved by life itself

  • acquire a tool that empowers you to experience life more fully, become more alive, open, joyful, connected and sensitive to life and the world around you.

Based on

- Amerta movement

- Experiential anatomy

- Dance

- Nature and landscape

- Creativity (writing and drawing may form part of the process)

What happens in a session?
  •  We begin with some movement to warm up the physical body, and open up to feel whatever may be present for you on that day. If a client wishes to, this can be guided so that you work with something specific e.g breath, senses, muscles, ground.

  • We have a conversation, where the client speaks about how they are, what they noticed from their warm up, asks questions or shares if there is anything specific that they wish to work with. 

  • Returning to movement. This may include guidance either through verbal cues, guiding the client by moving with them, or through accompaniment through sound.

  • Closing and integration. Writing, drawing for understanding and conscious integration of what arose during the session.

Who is it for?
  • anyone interested in an embodied method of developing expression, conscious awareness and becoming more at home in themselves and in the world.

  • dancers

  • actors

  • therapists

  • counsellors

  • practitioners of meditation (sitting or moving e.g. mindfulness meditation, chi gang, yoga, vipassana)

  • healers

  • yoga practitioners

  • artists

What is it?

it's quite simple really! Movement comes from daily life; we already know in our cells what to do. Familiar and simple gestures such as sitting, lying, walking, standing, rolling, stretching, reaching. big movements like jumping, running, walking rolling, or tiny movements; the turn of the head, fingers opening, toes wiggling...the possibilities are endless!

You may have your own movement background already (dance or yoga for example) and this can be part of what happens too. There are no steps to learn - each movement is uniquely your own.

There is nothing you can do wrong!

Perhaps we have forgotten the joyful, curious, open-hearted physical way of being that we had as children. This work is a way of remembering that, being that, again.

It's often surprising what happens, and always very touching, because it's heartfelt, real and honest.

Sometimes focus moves to breath, to sound, to the senses, sometimes stillness and resting.

It is founded in the body's own wisdom and knowing. The body knows how to respond, what it needs. As children we knew how to move, and when. It was our way of learning and being curious, of making connections.

As well as giving ourselves a time to explore, learn and express, it is also an opportunity to open up to life from other sources; from other people, or our environment (natural or otherwise).

It also becomes a way to deeply receive the impulse of life: it flows through us finding expression, not only our own life, but the life of everything. We become like receptors that can relate to and begin to express something of the world around us: agree, the ocean, another moving body. Our movement then can become an offering, a prayer, a ritual, an act of creativity.

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