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Yoga Workshops

Yoga Masterclass Exploring Breath and Prana.jpg
Sunday November 26th   10am-5pm

Ganapati School of Yoga, Mallow, North Cork

A day of Yoga for those with previous experience of Yoga, drawing on traditional techniques from Tantra Hatha Yoga, as well as contemporary techniques and insights from Yoga Therapy and Experiential Anatomy.

Morning schedule:

  • Breath awareness meditation.

  • Exploring breathing anatomy: structural insights and experiential anatomy. The significance of the diaphragm.

  • Accessing and optimising the breathing mechanisms through simple therapeutic movements.

  • The three part breath: explorations based on classical Yoga (Pranayama and Mudras)

  • How the three part breath and Yoga Asana can meet.


Afternoon schedule:

  • Undoing the breath: variations of classic pranayama practices that support the breath (Brahmari Pranayama and Abdominal breathing)

  • Restorative yoga

  • Connecting with Prana: Hatha Tantra yoga practices of Prana Nidra and variations of Nadi Shodhana.

  • Revisiting breath awareness.


Cost: 80 euros. 

Pre-booking essential.

Email: for booking details

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