Informed by Amerta Movement, experiential anatomy,

connection with nature, each other and ourselves.

A weekend retreat of Art Therapy and Amerta Movement
to celebrate Imbolc, the beginning of Spring

February 5th-6th

An Sanctoir, Ballydehob

10.30am-5pm each day

Led by Art Therapist Marika O’Sullivan and

Amerta Movement guide and practitioner Claire Osborne.


  • Amerta Movement

  • Art Therapy

  • Time in nature

  • Yoga Nidra (Meditative Rest)

  • Sharing Circle


Imbolc is a time to honour the seeds that are beginning to awaken and stir beneath the earth. It is a time when we can pay attention to earth’s natural cycles and listen to the parts in us that we would like to inspire and breath life into - as we, like the seeds begin to unfold and reach out towards the light. We will spend some of the weekend outside in Nature in An Sanctoir's stunning 30 acre nature reserve.


CLAIRE will guide us through conscious, embodied, free-movement. A series of prompts will guide you into your body and senses, so you can become more awake, open, receptive and stimulate the creative spark and present-moment awareness that are needed when we journey together. Amerta as well as Meditative practices such as Yoga Nidra and Restorative Yoga will be offered as tools to give you time to assimilate and integrate your experiences during the weekend.

The movement practice of Amerta is a practice of awakening to the present moment and the unique potential of life within each one of us. It helps us to blossom, to experience who we really are. There are no steps to learn: it is spontaneous, in turns playful and prayerful, deeply moving and always revealing.


MARIKA will offer personal exploration through art making as a way to reconnect with ourselves and what we truly desire to awaken. Using the potent time of Imbolc, we will create a personal Mandala and then over the weekend there will be a story, creative response/art making, and time for reflection. If the weather permits, some of the creative activities can be held outside in nature. Basic art materials will be supplied, but please bring your own if you wish.



Including a simple, delicious vegetarian lunch.

Pre-booking and pre-payment essential as we are limiting numbers to 10 participants

and anticipate a lot of interest in this event.






Claire Osborne:

Claire has practised Amerta Movement since 1997, guided by it's creator,

Suprapto Suryadarmo, til his passing in 2019. She received his blessing to guide Amerta in

2003. She is part of a peer group of worldwide practitioners dedicated to deepen the

understanding and sharing of his work. She has been a Yoga and movement teacher since

2001, a therapeutic bodyworker, and a fully trained Yoga Therapist. ) and is presently studying

an MA in Art Therapy at MTU Cork. Claire also worked for 8 years facilitating community

and school garden projects and working in horticultural therapy;



Marika O'sullivan:

Marika is an art therapist with many years of experience using creative activities for self –development and empowerment. Marika works in the community and privately offering both individual art therapy and group facilitation. Her passion is to offer a safe and yet playful environment so that we can find our ways to flourish. Marika has designed popular programmes such as Thrive – a 7 week creative course for women, and also Roots which is offered to schools with diverse student populations, and to young people in Direct Provision Centres



Movement workshop in Nature.
Next event Spring 2022

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Location - Woodland, mountainside and stone circle,

The Ring of Beara, Kerry (half an hour from Kenmare)


This will be a full day immersion into moving in/with nature,

through the practice of Amerta movement: Being with

natural structures and the elements to open up our

movement, expression, receptivity, senses and connection

with land.

We will explore personal themes arising from being with the landscape, as well as being given movement tools to

help you to have a fully embodied experience of connecting with land:

  • opening to sensing through the whole body: listening, seeing and touch

  • receiving atmosphere

  • finding anchors and not getting 'lost'

  • speaking and receiving - the art of expression has receiving and receiving has expression

  • physical tools of moving on different levels, exploring angles and planes of perception and stopping to support receiving, recognising, connecting and blossoming.

  • landscape supporting our growth and blossoming and our presence in landscape as an offering to support its blossoming.


Morning: Woodland,  (earth, roots, rock). Walking, moving, writing in woodland. Time with the group, then time alone.

Lunch: shared picnic.

Afternoon: Stone circle (earth, rock, wind, sky). Walking, moving, sharing through talking. Witnessing movement. 

Movement workshop in nature
Next event early summer 2022

Location: Beach in West Cork.


We will move together as well as having time alone, to explore the landscape and

atmosphere where land and water meet. Through embodied listening and sensing,

we will experience how different elements and terrains affect and inform our movement

and affect our own inner world. How we can be present and listen, receive and connect

with the natural world, hear it’s voice, it’s rhythms, feel it’s textures and in return our

movement can speak back. We can be in embodied, conscious relationship with the

world, each other and ourselves.


Themes for the day

  • Rhythm and time/timing

  • Fluidity and solidity

  • Listening as an embodied experience

  • Offering back / prayer and ritual

General practicalities for outdoor workshops

  • Dress warmly for the Irish weather and uneven ground. Sturdy boots are recommended. Bring waterproofs (to keep dry in case of light rain, and to sit on)

  • Bring a notebook and pen and art materials if you wish.

  • Bring lunch to share

  • All are welcome, though there may be rough ground, so some people may not find outdoor work accessible.

  • After booking you will receive the practical details including directions.

  • Because of not wanting to take up excessive space in public car parks, and environmental sensitivity, car-pooling is encouraged. 

  • Please no dogs or children

  • In case of bad weather an alternative date will be scheduled. If you are unable to make the new date, then you will be offered a refund.


Image by Marika O'Sullivan

tree move 1 (2).jpg