Monthly retreat space for women

Nature based movement, yoga, creativity, self-reflection and sharing. focusing on a different nature based theme each month.

Claire will guide you through an embodied experience, to connect with yourself and the landscape.

Based on Claire's background in Amerta movement, Yoga, outdoor education and Art.

Summer/autumn dates 2020:
  • July 11th
  • August 2nd
  • September 5th
  • October 3rd
A new series will continue in 2021 as soon as Covid guidelines allow.

An Sanctoir, Ballydehob, West Cork.
Saturday 11th July   2-5.30pm

Yoga, Movement, nature art ritual, sharing, rest.

Time to rest, receive, experience ease, pleasure and coming home to

yourself, during this afternoon for women, especially those who have

been caring for others (family, friends, clients, patients) over the last

few months.


This is a day where we can ground and become centred in ourselves so

we can find an inner steadiness during this time of uncertainty. There will

be time outdoors to remember ourselves as part of nature, and experience

how that can nourish and guide us.


Beginning with a sharing circle followed by deep rest through Restorative Yoga and the meditative rest of Yoga Nidra.

There will be time outside to walk, be nourished by nature, explore gentle movement, open our sensory experiencing, and see what messages nature may have for us to guide us forwards.

We will co-create an altar to represent that which we are grateful for, and that nourishes and inspires us, from objects found in our time outdoors. (If the weather is wet, then we will create collages.)

Cost: €40.

Concessions available for those with financial limitations.

Women of all ages welcome.

Bookings: or 0862134080

All appropriate health measures regarding COVID 19 will be adhered to.

Mini retreat afternoon
An Sanctoir, Ballydehob, West Cork.
Sunday 2nd August   2.30-5.30pm


Nourishing retreat afternoon for women of all stages of life.

This month's theme is to explore rootedness; finding stability and

support in these uncertain times.

Time with nature; guided free movement, deep listening, receiving

inspiration from nature and our own inner wisdom.

Time indoors in circle together; sharing, moving, resting.
Intuitive Yoga, Amerta movement, Yoga Nidra, sharing circle, co-creating an altar.

The venue is the beautiful, peaceful space of An Sanctoir, in Ballydehob.

With 30 aces of secluded nature reserve, and a gorgeous wooden floored,

octagonal building surrounded by views of the countryside, this is the perfect

venue to be nurtured and inspired by nature.


Contact: Claire Osborne or 0862134080
Cost: E40. Payment reserves your place.
Pre-booking essential. Numbers limited.
(Sliding scale available for those with limited finances. Please call me to discuss.)

Full care of Covid 19 health guidances for group gatherings will be in place.

Breath of life
September 5th


This month's focus is on the elements of sky, wind and air, through the qualities of breath and flow,

throughfree movement, yoga, experiential anatomyand breath awareness.

Indoors: intuitive Yoga, breath exploration, body awareness.

Outdoors: landscape movement, to experience air and sky. Working outdoors with the beautiful

30 acre nature reserve of An Sanctoir.

The aim of the afternoon is to explore your experience of breath, release tension that may be

restricting your breathing, and to have time to explore an embodied experience of air and our

relationship with it. How it can nourish us and open up our experience of life and flow.

Wind helps us to dance, to fly, to find how can we do this and not forget ourselves,

and remain rooted, not get blown off course or buffeted about.

Inhale, exhale......

Feel the air flow in and out,

drink in life,

feel your lungs filling, life surge into every cell.

Feel your lungs empty, the whole body let go and release.

Receiving and giving with every breath.

The air warms, cools, caresses.

The wind rushes through grass and branches,

careers down the mountain,

whispering through the meadow,

bringing stories of far away travels.

Her currents can lift us, help us soar,

remind us of being winged ones.

It can destroy, flatten, rampage,

whip oceans to a fury

and softly meander through delicately waving grasses.

Wind is a free spirit, she goes where she chooses.

She is dancer, destroyer, caresser, roarer and whisperer.

Air, breath, wind

Inhale, exhale

We share every breath

Cost E40.
Pre-booking essential, numbers limited.
Contact Claire 0862134080
To be Covid compliant numbers are limited to 6, which is the maximum number presently allowed indoors.
There will be a waiting list of people who are able to join at the last minute should the weather allow us to be outside for the whole workshop. 
Wade in the Waters
October 3rd
Indoors: intuitive yoga and movement to explore flow and fluid, especially through the movement
of the spine. Playing with spirals, circles, undulations, waves.
Outdoors: amerta movement to connect to the element of water in an embodied experience.
There are 2 small rivers that border the land at An Sanctoir. We'll visit and spend
time with them. moving with the currents and sounds, perhaps even moving in them.
Water- we often hear people say 'go with the flow', but it's important to know we can swim,
we can listen to the direction of the currents and decide where we want to go, and yet still
shift and change with the currents. Being awake to respond to new directions, being fluid
and responsive, whilst noticing our habits.

''At Blackwater Pond the tossed waters have settled after a night of rain.

I dip my cupped hands. I drink a long time.

It tastes like stone, leaves, fire.

It falls cold into my body, waking the bones.

I hear them deep inside me,

whispering oh what is that beautiful thing that just happened?''

Mary Oliver

Cost E40.

Pre-booking essential, numbers limited.

To book contact Claire: 0862134080

© 2014 by Claire Osborne.

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