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Embodied nature: Loving the land.


A full day immersion into moving in/with nature, through the practice of Amerta movement, which Claire has practised since 1997 and taught since 2001. This is a day to give your heart to the Earth and letting her support and guide you.

The day will have 5 sections:
1. Arriving into our own bodies, through guided movement practices.
2. Being in nature - a sensory walk to open our embodied connection with the land.
3. Exploring different landscapes. we will walk and move, visiting different areas of the 23 acres at An Sanctoir and moving with them, to experience how different landscapes inform and inspire our movement.
4. Time alone to deeply listen and to reflect. Bringing a question or intention with you, you will have time to move, rest, sit, walk, write, in the land, to listen and receive any teaching the land may have for you.
5. returning to the circle, we will reflect upon and share our experience of the day.

Bring Lunch to share.

If you would like to stay on the land, you are able to camp for an extra 10euros per night and will have access to kitchen, loos and showers.

Cost 75euros (includes a simple vegetarian lunch.)

Movement workshop in Nature.
Next event Autumn 2022

Location - mountainside and stone circle,

The Ring of Beara, Kerry (half an hour from Kenmare)


This will be a full day immersion into moving in/with nature,

through the practice of Amerta movement: Being with

natural structures and the elements to open up our

movement, expression, receptivity, senses and connection

with land.

We will explore personal themes arising from being with the landscape, as well as being given movement tools to

help you to have a fully embodied experience of connecting with land:

  • opening to sensing through the whole body: listening, seeing and touch

  • receiving atmosphere

  • finding anchors and not getting 'lost'

  • speaking and receiving - the art of expression has receiving and receiving has expression

  • physical tools of moving on different levels, exploring angles and planes of perception and stopping to support receiving, recognising, connecting and blossoming.

  • landscape supporting our growth and blossoming and our presence in landscape as an offering to support its blossoming.


Morning: Woodland,  (earth, roots, rock). Walking, moving, writing in woodland. Time with the group, then time alone.

Lunch: shared picnic.

Afternoon: Stone circle (earth, rock, wind, sky). Walking, moving, sharing through talking. Witnessing movement. 

Cost 75 euros.


General practicalities for outdoor workshops

  • Dress warmly for the Irish weather and uneven ground. Sturdy boots are recommended. Bring waterproofs (to keep dry in case of light rain, and to sit on)

  • Bring a notebook and pen and art materials if you wish.

  • Bring lunch to share

  • All are welcome, though there may be rough ground, so some people may not find outdoor work accessible.

  • After booking you will receive the practical details including directions.

  • Because of not wanting to take up excessive space in public car parks, and environmental sensitivity, car-pooling is encouraged. 

  • Please no dogs or children

  • In case of bad weather an alternative date will be scheduled. If you are unable to make the new date, then you will be offered a refund.