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Amerta Movement workshops
















A weekend of creativity, expression, reflection , movement and rest to honour the turning of the year and celebrate

Samhain, the beginning of winter.


Facilitated by Art Therapist Marika O'Sullivan & Movement and Yoga teacher Claire Osborne. Claire and Marika are experienced facilitators, with over 40 years professional experience between them.


Making intentions for the time of dreaming and quietness, reflecting on how to create a nourishing space for ourselves.

What do we have already? What to we need to put in place? What do we need to nourish and protect?


Claire will guide Amerta Movement to connect with and awaken our bodies and senses, and listen to inner guidance.

To express and respond to whatever is arising, to awaken our creativity.

Marika offers time for Art-making so we can  reflect on the theme of the weekend, respond to our insights,

ritualise and express our inner process. She will also share insight about the Celtic Festival of Samhain and how it can be of relevance to us in our daily life, and it's context in the cycle of the year.

There will also be time for personal processing and sharing together.

Investment:  210 euros or 180e concession

includes a simple, delicious vegetarian lunch, teas and snacks.

Bookings:  Email or call Claire 086 2134080 or Marika 086 150828


Marika O'Sullivan website: :

“Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” Rumi
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