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Anandam Bhavatu Bhavatu – let this unending bliss be everywhere  (Sanskrit Chant)


Workshops and classes for women of all ages and levels of ability, from teens to elderly and everything in between.

Mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, aunts, grandmothers... experienced practitioners and complete beginners.... all are equal and welcome.

Absolutely no experience of any other work in these fields of practice is needed.

Workshops and classes are run on a regular basis (see events page) and I am happy to travel to your community centre / workplace / holistic centre to share this work.




What is it?

I have been developing this work as a way to combine all my favourite things:

  • womb yoga (inspired by Uma Dinsmore Tuli)

  • restorative yoga

  • movement (inspired by Amerta movement and other movement practices)

  • dance (inspired by community dance training and 5 rhythms)

  • mudras, mantras, breathing practices

  • chanting and sounding

  • yoga nidra (deep rest)

  • masssage / bodywork

  • meditation

  • open hearted listening and sharing



Circle of women sessions are creative, unpredictable, moving, playful, nourishing.

It is a time to come home to yourself in the company of other women.

This is an invitation to gather in the sacred space of womanhood and to feel what that means to you.

We share our experiences, in a safe, supportive environment.

We come into our bodies, be with ourselves and each other and shed our layers of 'keeping it together',

with compassion and awareness.


During these sessions people are often relieved to be in such a safe place, where they have permission and

support to move and be as they need, to listen to, follow and be guided by their own innate wisdom.

Women have laughed, softened, shed tears, rested, shaken out their stuff, dropped heavy loads, been supported

in difficult times, shared and been trusted, opened up, dissolved holding and tension, come home to themselves.




"I feel fully myself, and i haven't felt like that for a long time" - T, Cork.


"It was a fantastic day Claire. Thank you for facilitating it. look forward to the next one. "

W. West Cork




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