Skibbereen and Ballydehob
Hatha yoga. Men and women, all levels welcome.

Mondays 10.30-12am. Market Street Clinic, Skibbereen.

Tuesdays  8-9.30pm Market Street Clinic, Skibbereen.

€72 for 6 weeks. If there is space, drop in is available for €14 per class.

Physical practices to promote mobility, flexibility, strength and stability.

Breath-work, meditation and relaxation.  

Suitable for most people: practices can be adapted for beginners and people who are less mobile, as well as to those who would like a bit more of a challenge.

Restorative yoga and Yoga Nidra. Gentle class with relaxation focus, for all levels

Thursdays 1-2pm.  Market Street Clinic, Skibbereen.

€60 for 6 weeks or €10 drop in.

Restorative yoga is a very simple, deeply nourishing and therapeutic practice that involves resting in long-held poses, using the support of props (e.g. cushions, blankets, the wall and the floor).

The class will include Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) and meditation. There are no strong postures and it is suitable for everybody. Because you are resting and supported during each pose, you will find yourself unwinding and dropping all your stress and worries. You will feel peaceful and at home in yourself.

This class is a good option for beginners, for people with less mobility, or those who like a more simple, meditative and therapeutic approach.

Pregnancy Yoga. Health and wellness in pregnancy, preparing for a positive and empowered birth.

Tuesdays 6.15 - 7.45pm. Market Street Clinic, Skibbereen.€72 for 6 week course.


Asanas for strength, flexibility, ease tension and general wellness.

Meditation, breathing practices and relaxation for mental and emotional balance, manage pain, develop well being and vitality.

Self care for a healthy pregnancy, bonding with your baby, preparation for a positive and empowered birth.

Management of health conditions e.g. pelvic pain, sleeping problems, cramps, back pain.

Join any time after your first scan (if you join part way through a course, you pay for the remainder of the course.)

Mum and Baby Post-natal Yoga

Wednesdays 10-11.15am, An Sanctoir, Ballydehob.

€72 for 6 weeks.


Gentle class to aid post-natal recovery, ease physical tension, such as aching shoulders and backs, reconnect your core and pelvic floor, aid relaxation, create mental and emotional balance, time for self-care.

Bond with your baby through playful movement, songs and games. Spend time with other mums.

Chair Yoga - gentle, therapeutic class, for anyone who has difficulty getting onto the floor

Thursdays 11am-12.15pm. Market Street Clinic, Skibbereen.

€60 for 6 weeks.

A gentle class to improve joint mobility, balance and strength. Includes breathing and relaxation for stress management and to ease mental and emotional imbalance.

Benefits of chair yoga are wide ranging and can help people to gain more strength, mobility, stability and balance, as well as experience relaxation, stress or pain management, and generally develop their well being in body, heart and mind.
Suitable for all ages, all levels of mobility - although there area flight of stairs to the studio, so you'd need to handle those.
People who might enjoy this class:
- people who have difficulty getting up and down from the floor
- people with a number of medical conditions, such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue
- post-natal women who need gentler movement after a difficult birth
- those recovering from accidents, injury, medical treatments or surgery
- older people with less movement
- people recovering from stroke
- people with some physical disabilities. (not wheelchair users because of the location)


Class info:

Classes usually run in 6 week blocks and are either 60 or 90 minutes long.

Claire is usually able to adapt the practices in the class to suit individual needs, however it is important to let Claire know before attending if you have any medical conditions, chronic pain, or mobility issues.


Classes are paid for by 6 week block unless otherwise stated or pre-arranged with Claire.

If you miss a class and their is another space in a suitable class during the 6 week block you can make up your time that way, but payment cannot be refunded or transferred to another course.

You can join part way through a block if there is space.

Places are limited, so pre-booking is essential.

Drop in may be available in certain classes on request; contact Claire beforehand to check class is on and to see if there is space.

Booking a place:

Contact Claire directly 086 2134080.

No deposit is required, but please bear in mind that classes are small, and may have waiting lists, so if you need to cancel your place please give plenty of warning, as there may be someone else waiting for a place to become available.

Medical conditions, injury and illness:

If you want to do yoga because of a specific issue (e.g. a back problem, limited mobility) please have a chat with me first and i will direct you to the most suitable class.

For ongoing / chronic conditions, one-to-one work may be the best way to start exploring yoga, so that practices can be adapted specifically for your needs, until your condition improves, or you learn how to manage it better.

Have a look at the Yoga Therapy page, to see what conditions i can work with and what to expect from one-to-one sessions

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