An Sanctoir, Ballydehob

Sunday 28th November 2.30-5pm

In person mini retreat of breath exploration,

Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra and gentle movement.

Awaken to your innermost calling, listen within and relax into presence.

- Pranayama (breath) practices to settle the nervous systemand recharge your batteries.

- Soothing restorative yoga and Yoga Nidra to aid the release of deep-seated tension.

- Gentle movement meditation to bring you into the present moment.

- Embodied connection - listening to your body and following whatever it

needs in each moment.

All are welcome, whatever your level of experience with yoga, movement,

or meditative practices.

Cost 30 euros

Bookings by email:

Pre-booking essential, numbers limited.

Connecting intimately with the source of life.

Venue: An Sanctoir, Ballydehob, West Cork

Date: Saturday 30th October


Yoga, Amerta movement, experiential anatomy,

breath explorations, Yoga Nidra.

"I draw sweet air
Deeply and long,
As pure as prayer,
As sweet as song.
Where lilies glow
And roses wreath,
Heart-joy I know
Is just to breathe.

Aye, so I think"

Robert William Service

This nourishing day is to support you to experience restful and mindful connection with your breath. There will be guided experiences of a range of practices to release tightness, tension and old patterns that might be affecting your breathing, and get to know the lifelong friend of breath more intimately.

This will be a gentle, exploratory day, with an emphasis on restful attention and personal exploration, guided by an experienced yoga teacher, movement teacher and Yoga Therapist.

Who's it for? Anyone who is curious about becoming more embodied, aware, connected to their body, present in each moment. No previous experience necessary, and all are welcome. Bear in mind this day will involve some gentle physical movement.

Cost: 80 euros / 65 concession

Bookings: email

Pre-booking essential. Full payment in advance secures your place.