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Creating a San Kalpa.

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Shoulder tension tamer - Simple movements you can do while at your computer

Begin by sitting up tall, lengthen through the middle of the top of your head, send your tailbone down. Feel your feet on the floor.


1. Shoulder circles. Inhale slowly, lift your shoulders forwards, then up. Exhale and slowly draw them back and down. Repeat for 5 breaths, then change direction.


2. Chest opener, releases tension in the upper back. Bring your hands behind your back, clasp your elbows Inhale, roll your shoulders back, and move your breastbone forwards. Stay for 5 slow breaths.


3. Opening upper back. Bring your arms to the front and clasp the elbows. Slowly inhale lift them as high as possible, and lower with you exhale. Keep you head still!


4. Shoulder tension release. Relax your arms down and swing them like heavy ropes by your sides.

5. Head tilts: feel your head balanced on your spine. inhale, then slowly exhale and bring your right ear towards your right shoulder, so the head tilts to the right.  with your inhale return the head to centre, and then tilt to the left with your next exhale. Repeat 3 times each side, keeping the spine upright and shoulders dropped down.


6. Half neck circles. Exhale and lower your head., chin towards chest. Slowly inhale and rotate the head to bring the right ear towards the shoulder right shoulder. Hold for a moment. Exhale lower chin down again. Repeat on the other side. 4 x each side.

7. Nose circles. Gazing straight ahead, slowly draw little circles with your nose.


8. Breathe! Finally open a window and draw in a few deep breaths of fresh air. If you are in an office without access to fresh air take a few deep breaths anyway. Allow your exhale to be longer than your inhale. Blow it out gently through the lips if that helps. Imagine everything that is worrying you be softened and released by the breath. Feel your body melt and mind relax.

© 2014 by Claire Osborne.

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