Sanctuary: Weekly online support group for Yoga Teachers.
Wednesdays  11-12.30am
Taking a break for the summer.
Restarting in September 2021.


The group is peer led, which means each week a different person can offer to hold the space.

This weekly session is aimed at creating a safe, held and sacred space, giving Yoga Teachers time together, to share personal reflections from their life experience, or professional issues that are arising from their teaching or practice. It is a space for professional support, but also self- enquiry. A space to be heard, to experience community, to listen, to learn from and be inspired and touched by each other, for hearts to meet. This is community, Sangha.

What happens?
  1. Hellos and introductions

  2. Meditation to begin the session and attune us to sharing heart space together.

  3. Sharing circle (space to share what is in your heart, your mind, your body). I offer a question for reflection if needed, or you can share whatever is needing to be heard on that day. There is no obligation to speak. I often find listening is just as rewarding as being listened to.

  4. Closing (thank yous and goodbyes)

  5. Yoga Nidra.

How to take part:

To book in please send an email to me I'll send you an email with zoom link and password.

You are welcome to drop in for a session to see if it suits you. After that we ask people to make a commitment to the group, for as long or as frequently they are able to attend.

Who is it for?

Yoga teachers from all backgrounds, all types of training and lineage, or non-lineage, all levels of experience.