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Yoga Therapy introductory video (Yoga Campus, London) click here

Introduction to movement meditation

Pregnancy sun salute

Pregnancy warrior pose supported by the wall

Useful Websites
Yoga Campus

Yoga teacher training, Yoga Therapy training, specialist trainings and workshops in all aspects of yoga.

Yoga Nidra Network

Free downloads of nidras and listings of yoga nidra teachers and events.

Yoni Shakti

Listings of yoga teachers and events to support and nurture all stages and cycles of women's lives.

Restorative Yoga

Website of Judith Lasater, founder of  Restorative Yoga

Amerta Movement

Amerta Movers website. This site hosts information for people who would like to be contacted to practice Amerta Movement, lists regular practice sessions, and through personal information and websites, offers ways to find out about more current classes — worldwide.

Yoga Mandala Project

A not-for-profit initiative that supports the wellbeing of refugees and humanitarians working within these communities. We develop sustainable yoga programs, volunteer as yoga teachers in the field, host trauma informed training, and organize crisis relief projects.


Listings of classes and retreats worldwide:

“Prana burns as fire : he is the sun;

he is the beautiful rain god; he is the wind;

He is the earth, matter, god.

He is being and non-being and what is immortal”

Prashna Upanishad

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