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Weekly movement class

An Sanctoir, Ballydehob.

Thursdays 7-9PM

Open class 30th January.


Closed group  Feb 6th- March 5th

Move, breathe, connect, sense, open, release, express, play, pray.

Become more alive and aware in each moment in body, heart and mind.

Become more yourself, and connect more deeply with others and your environment.

This is a free movement practice based primatrily on 23 years of intensive study with world renowned movement master Suprapto Suryadarmo, creator of Amerta Movement.

Amerta means 'the nectar of life', and so it is about allowing life to move through us. For this to happen we need to gradually, compassionately become aware of who we are; our habits, preferences, personality. We get to know and play with these and gradually we become less identified with them. Simultaneously an immense and beautiful transformation occurs, in which we open more to experiencing the trueness and beauty of life. We become more who we truelly are, we experience a deeper more heartfelt connection with others, we are struck by the moment-to-moment beauty of the word around us.

To support this process Claire will guide you through various exercises and work with specific themes to open up your senses and sensitivity, to explore the possibilities of your own physical movement, to connect with your own inner bodily wisdom, and to open to impulse and insight so that whatever is there for you can be seen, embraced, enjoyed and perhaps released.


During this course we will explore;

- 9 basic physical movement patterns

- expanding your existing movement vocabulary

- communication and relationships

- awareness of composition, story and play through movement

- movement as creation, prayer and ritual

- working with the senses

- being with nature (outdoor work)



Contact Claire osborne 0862134080 or email osborneclaire@hotmail.com



Jan 30th; open class, all welcome for reduced drop in rate of €10

Feb 6th / 13th / 20th / 27th / March 5th 5 week closed group. Cost €100. No drop ins. Working as a closed group will enable us to build up movement skills, for Claire to give you more personal support, to create safety and holding and a deeper connection between each other.



Experienced movers will find this work opens them up to a new level of practice and awareness on all levels of their being. New movers often experience a profound opening up, a sense of childlike play and re-connection with their body and the world around them.



The very first time i attended a workshop with Suprapto Suryadarmo (a week intensive in Amsterdam) i came back feeling that something in me had shifted on every level. I couldn't find words to describe what it was but i felt different in a good way. More alive, more present, my body and being was awakened in a new way. I was hooked! Since then i have worked with him pretty much every year, attending week long or 10 day intensives, including a month intensive in Indonesia in 2003. I was also extremely grateful to be part of the first, and only, teachers training last autumn in Italy. During those 2 weeks he mapped out for us and gave us guidance in exactly how he teaches, observes and channels guiding groups and individuals. It was a rare, profound and beautiful experience.

Not only as a practitioner, but also as a teacher there is a process of becoming so clear and responsive, so open and heart-centered, that life can flow through. We respond moment by moment to what is needed, and how we can best be of service so that each of us can blossom into being.

This for me is not a hobby or a sideline, it is a way of life and something that has seen me through many ups and downs, helped me to feel so much more at home in myself, and keeps my body, heart and mind open to life and presence.

It will be my honour and joy to share this work with you.

Prapto passed away at the end of December 2019.

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